It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I’m not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me.
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The ultimate mark of man’s possession of women may well be the ethic of suppression by which he forbids women to hate him.
― Jeffner Allen, “Remembering: A Time I Will Be My Own Beginning”  (collected in For Lesbians Only)

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Anonymous: Penises are for urinating and supplying sperm for reproduction, doesn't mean we urinate and fuck in public .. why should breast feeding be okay? fucking typical one sided feminist


Does your penis provide sustenance for another person? No. Can you show your nipples in public if you want to? Yes. Also, breasts are not genitals or sex organs. Only 13 out of 190 cultures world wide consider them to be sexual or even private parts. Don’t even act like this is a feminist thing. This is a babies-have-the-right-to-eat thing.


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So with these two irrational arguments punctured, we need to wonder why men are so keen to protect rapists and abusers. My own personal theory is that they know in their hearts they, too, have something to hide. They remember that night where she was too drunk, they remember that boy who was far too young, they remember that time they had to wheedle and fight for it. They remember these things and they feel afraid, afraid that one day someone might be empowered to speak out. They can pretend away that any allegations would be false, but the truth is that these things were lines crossed, and deep down they know it.

It’s the only way I can explain why men are so persistent in pursuing something with no founding in evidence. Why else would they support something which only protects perpetrators?

This brings to mind the crime of ‘rapemindedness' invented by one Radical Trans Feminist: men are generally reckless as to the question of consent, they are 'rapeminded' and do not trouble themselves to know for sure that the sex they have is consensual and not, in fact, rape.  For all they know, any one of their ex-lovers could make an allegation and they could not, honestly, tell themselves they know it to be false: they don’t know, because they don’t care unless they’re thinking about that allegation.

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